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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Nothing reflects the core values better than fishing and the Packers....

And it gets better as the creature of Rhinelander lore is the "Hodag"

The days begin and end in beauty as we get closer to the Spring Equinox, have a full moon set in the morning a lovely sunset in the evening.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Bit More of Port Townsend

The entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge….I love the Joseph Campbell “Follow your Bliss” and “Better Living Through Coffee” signage.

Like many river or seaport towns there is an upper town and a lower town. Here in Port Townsend the lower Front Street area is linked to the upper town with a well done staircase with attractive statutes and greenery.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Trip to Port Townsend

While visiting Vashon Island we took a Sunday day trip to Port Townsend.
It was a beautiful, sunny and mild morning for the drive and then lovely at the Point Wilson Beach. We day toured in Port Townsend after lunch at the very good Khu Larb Thai restaurant. The town seems to be in transition from supporting shipping and boating industry to tourism. There is a mill south of town that employs quite a few folks but gets pretty bad press from tourists for the smell and pollution it generates. The down town is loaded with 'cute' shops and no so bad restaurants. The regular passenger ferry was discontinued and replaced by a smaller version of passenger ferry. This 'passenger ferry' link gives you the reactions of the locals. Regular service is right around the corner.

In order to get to the Kitsap Peninsula and head north to Port Townsend you need to take the ferry from Vashon to Southworth – the Vasonites refer to it as “Southworthless” and the folks at Southworth for to the folks at Vashon as “Vasholes.”

Not a lot of nuance between the two ferry stops and a bit of at least ‘non-respect.’ Regardless the view of the Olympics to the west in the morning light is pretty astounding.

The town of Port Townsend relies primarily on supporting seafaring – commercial and pleasure, a paper mill to the south of own and tourism. While the old town ‘front street’ is pretty busy there are some places left empty.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Natural Beauty of the Pacific Northwest

As I travel I am always struck by the beauty, symmetry and energy of the natural world. I do not do cities very well any more - too frenetic with people gathering more and more of more and more...not for me....a sunrise/set - not so bad....the Pacific Northwest has a feel unlike any place else in the lower the Olympics viewed from the east with morning sun striking them.....

The Pacific creates the coast. The waves, tides and storms ebb and flow.

The seabirds are the featured stars....

Point Wilson State Park

While visiting on Vashon Island we took a two hour drive north up the Kitsap Peninsula, across the Hood Canal Bridge and further north through Port Townsend. Point Wilson has a pretty decent but really open campground which was filled with hard siders. It also has a lovely lighthouse, beaches and WW I/WW II artillery emplacements. Signage is a testimony to the multicultural use of the area.

Vashon Island

A trip to Vashon Island is always an interesting cultural experience for me. There is the joy of seeing family and particularly joyful - grandchildren. There is also the Northwest vibe, the weather, the mountains and ocean so exotic to a Minnesota flat lander..... and there is the unique nature of all island communities be it Iceland, Hawaii or New Zealand. Vashon Island values include a strong commitment to preserving the beauty and sanctity of the environment. Here we have the Island map as portrayed at the city park. The kids love to 'walk all over' the Island' and point to where they live.

There is also a commitment to the Pacific Ring world and providing experiences for the Islanders to go to...of course....another island....Japan....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back in the Blog Game

So....been off the blog update path for a while and am fixin' to get back in the game...finishing up at Trader Joe's and heading to Vashon Island for a week and then a few weeks later off to Chaco.....seems it will be ...what it will be....Chaco Canyon of course is in the NW quadrant of NM a good 1 1/2 hours from groceries in Farmington to the north.
What you have here is a map of NW NM,a slab seperating from the canyon wall, a beaded bracelet left on South Mesa on the Summer Soltice, a Full moon rise and some devil eggs to carry us along....a view from my residence looking at Fajada Butte and a collared lizard....